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to the hospital with possible injuries. >>> a u.s. park police officer was air lifted to washington hospital center. >> he has got some substantial injuries. i think he will have a long recuperation process. >> reporter: at this point investigators won't say how the officer was hit. we do not know whether the officer was on his bike or if he had stopped to help someone. >>> this is bruce johnson in the district. in past years metro bus operators have been spit on, cussed out, assaulted and threatened with assault. metro's bus drivers transport more than 400,000 passengers every day. their union says it has become dangerous work in some parts. >> there are operators who arm themselves. >> why? >> they can't get the protection they need. >> the bus drivers union has recorded 59 assaults against bus operator, 39 attempted assaults and 140 threats have been made to metro's bus operators. the union tells us right now there are only 10 metro police officers assigned to the buses and they want more. they want them on those buses. in southern avenue and minnesota avenue, those are the hot spots. pas
-old punyasara gedara who came to the u.s. six months ago to join his family. broad daylight. no motive. walking home from his job at a nearby subway where everyone said he was polite and trouble free. a complete mystery. >> he doesn't have any enemies. i can't believe it. he doesn't go anywhere without us. only going to work. >> residents are deeply unsettled. >> i lived in olney almost my entire life and it's shocking and it's strange and it's scary. >> meantime, residents of another quiet only neighborhood are in disbelief after a murder of an 81-year-old man. now according to the montgomery county police, nazir was shot to death last week. this happened inside the split level home where he lived alone. friends initially became concerned because he did not show up as he normally did in silver spring. his death was initially classified as suspicious, but now police say they know how he died. >> it was determined by autopsy that the cause of death was gun shot wound and the manner of death to be homicide. >> police say right now, they have no motives or suspects in this case. >> the man a
to a juvenile and with using a computer to solicit sex from a minor. he was arraigned in a stafford county courtroom. the sheriff's department says he met a 14-year-old stafford county girl, reign of blood, where their online relationship developed into a virtual marriage. detectives say rodriguez traveled to virginia and met the girl at a party. >> actually provided the 14- year-old teen with a sleeping parent mix. so she would get away with him. that's when she got second thoughts and said this is not a good idea. >> she told her parents and they called the sheriff's department. >> i'm armando trull at the wilson building where the dc council is holding hearings on the allegations of cronism. >> conduct unbecoming of a mayoral appointee. including reports of harassment from female employees. >> sulaimon brown left the wilson building before those allegations were made. not before claiming the hearings were a cover up. >> is there anybody in the district government that should be investigating this? >> yes. i think that the fbi investigation, and u.s. attorney's office is well capa
without us? i feel like they need to step their game up. >> people want money for nothing, but they can't have everything for free. it's got to be paid for somehow. >> we did a lot of stupid things. >> at a board meeting last month, metro admitted the escalators break down after average 6 to 8 days. and getting harder and harder to come by. >> a maryland house committee planned to vote today on a bill that would legalize gay marriage in the state, but now that vote is delayed after two delegates didn't show up. that left the committee two shots short from what they needed to send the bill to the house floor. she skipped the vote to gain support for her own legislation, but prince georges county delegate, tiffany alston hasn't said why she wasn't there. >>> a good samaritan is recovering now after a brutal beating on the metro. 41-year-old robert was at the suitland metro station friday when she saw a pack of teenagers attacking a young man. when robert stepped outside the station to call 911, those teenagers turned on him. beating and kicking him while he lay on the ground. >> i got
. it didn't take us long to spot violators. drivers with an obstructed view. and other memorabilia hanging from their rear-view mirror. > what is it obstructing? >> it may not break the bank, but area police are allowed to pull you over if they want to crack down on this little known law. how about this? of course it should be hung on your rear-view mirror when parked only. driving with it on, a no-no. the law reads the same in neighboring states. the 24-year-old virginia low states a sign, poster, or tinted film on your car is a misdemeanor. i'm lindsey in roslynn. virginia's governor is calling for a war against potholes. potholes with worse this year than ever because of budget cuts. >> some of the larger potholes, they could be 6, maybe 6 inches deep. >> it only takes about a minute or two to patch up a pothole with this machine. >> called a pothole killer. >> there's a ton of them. >> we have more potholes than we do people. >> v-dot is trying to take care of every pothole now. march is when the season changes, meaning more potholes pop up. v-dot filled 5500 potholes and some cr
hurted my child? >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, wusa 9 news. >> police tell us this is nowhere near being a cold case. so if you've got any information call the metropolitan police department's homicide branch. 202-645-9600. >>> well, they were some of the most vulnerable victims of world war ii and now the u.s. holocaust museum is trying to find out what happened to them. we will tell you how you can help find the children of the holocaust. that's coming up. >>> but first, another day of air assaults in libya but they have a new target this time. the latest on operation odyssey dawn is up next. >>> trying to control libya's skies. they are using the jets to attack moammar gadhafi's troops on the ground and so far it appears to be working. in the key eastern city his tanks are beginning to retreat after a week-long assault on the rebels but gadaffi still refuses to step down. >>> israel's prime minister says his country will react, quote, aggressively, reasonably and wisely, end quote, to today's terrorist attack in jerusalem. he issued the statement just hours
? meteorologist topper shutt to fill us in. >> cold. a coat and scarf and hat wouldn't be a bad idea today. everyone in the 30s. even downtown we are looking at 34. 34 in gaithersburg and already 30 in frederick. 36 in leesburg and manassas. plenty cold. bundle up. for tonight, some high clouds will come in. it will still be cold though. low temperatures 24 to 32 winds become light. a little bit breezy now but they will calm down. we will come back and talk about milder air and what that means for our chances of rain and showers over the weekend. >>> america's favorite sport is still in business. at least for one more day. nfl and players' union agreeing this afternoon to a 24-hour extension of the current collective bargaining agreement meaning the negotiations will go on. sports director brett haber has been following this story all day live at union headquarters. for all the nail biting and last minute talks going on. brett. >> reporter: hard to imagine they wouldn't have found a way to keep this $9 billion golden goose that is the nfl alive and so they are working on it. they have give
yoga store murder. not from us, parents of a child accused of bringing to cocaine, they have no clue where the drugs came from. and what really happened? police witnesses are starting to change their stories of what went on in a deadly shooting. >> >> reporter: in southeast where a 18-year-old gary gordon should have been looking forward to graduating in june. he is dead. a 15-year-old girl in custody charged with the slaying. >>> and in juvenile court, a police officer testified that the 15-year-old suspect changed her story three separate times. the first account was was that gary was shot inside an apartment in the 2600 block of stanton road. the fatal bullet she said came from outside through the window. that turned out to be a lie. part of a cover-up. what happened say police is the 15-year-old eventually confessed she shot him while up to four people were in the apartment bedroom. the 15-year-old said she picked up a gun a semiautomatic, removed the clip and thought it was empty anded it and fied -- pointed it and fired one time she had been horsing around. >>> i am scott broom
women. they used dna from his discarded cigarette to link him to the rape. wanted for 17 rapes in four states, dating all the way back to 1997. >>> well gas prices are pumping higher every day as the crisis in the middle east rages on. here are the latest numbers. the regular gas in the dc metro is now averaging $3.50 a gallon. that's up $0.40 in just the last month, folks. the nationwide average is $3.51 per gallon. >>> and there a few things that everybody could do. first of all keep your tires inflated properly, which you have heard it before, but you need to use the tire gauge or you may overinflate them, that's dangerous. the tires that are too flat, they actually wear out faster. secondly get the dunk out of the truck. and keep your engine well tuned. fresh oil keeps your car less thirsty for gas. >> and the service engine soon light or their check engine light is on and that is showing that the car is not running up to the stands. they could cut down on your engine performance as well as your fuel mileage. >> and now over the weekend, the white house said that they are consideri
malls. >> i'm afraid to get out. i don't want to get out. i used to feel safe here. i'm not anymore. >> reactions from just one shopper. stunned to see the parking lot of the marley station malled ringed by crime scene tape and evidence marker it is show where spent shell casings fell to the ground. >> anne arundel county police described the scene with a lot of people involved. a dispute in the parking lot, lots of shots fired. the victim taken from the scene in a panic by two friends who fled in their car to this dunken donut car before calling for help. shooter and another man fleeing in a small sedan. >> i'm peggy fox where a contractor's mistake destroyed part of an old barn that was supposed to be preserved. >> when we saw the barn get hit, it was just so sad. >> the site at the corner of route 7 and 287 is being developed into a harris teter grocery store. the old coal farm barn x house, and silo were supposed to be moved and renovated for the project. >> we do not need a pile of rubble and dirt as the gateway of our community. >> the town has issued a stop work permit
news now. >>> a man is in custody. u.s. marshals say they have caught up with the man they believe is a serial rapist. they say he was detained around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. investigators recently started posting sketches of the suspect up on electronic billboards. the east coast rapist is believed to be responsible for attacks on 17 women since 1997. he struck in maryland, virginia, rhode island and conneticut. >>> officers in prince george's county are investigating a shooting that involves one of their own. around 4:30 p.m. this afternoon a cop was investigating a report of a stolen vehicle at brandywine and woodyard row. we don't have details just yet. but somehow that led to the officer firing his weapon at a suspect and that suspect now has life threatening injuries. we will have the latest tonight at 11:00 p.m. >>> big news out of annapolis tonight about the future of gay marriage in maryland. a state house committee approved legislation to legalize same-sex unions. governor martin o'malley saying he will sign the measure into law if it hits his desk. under this legislat
, if they do not come home, there are dire consequences. dire consequences i don't think any of us would like to see happen here in the state of wisconsin. >> president obama came to the defense of the public employees today at the national governor's association meeting. >> i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infridged upon. >> the president said he understands the tough financial situation states are facing, but he added that should not mean public employees are vilified during the budget debate. >>> well the rain is on the way out. what's in store for the rest of the week? could we be warm again? topper brings the answer coming up. but first, why he is now looking to sue. up next. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. what's in your wallet? >>> a gay priest is considering suing a private school that decided not to renew his contract. father george taught in philly. >> this is like another fr
to raise more money. >> a fairfax county school spokesperson said the money raised will be used to offset the $10,000 cost of renting the patriots center which usually the senior class has to pay for. he says 11 fairfax county high schools are selling premium graduation seats to raise money. >>> and yet more problems for dc council member marion barry. reports that the ward 8 representative is driving around town in a silver jaguar. nice car. but here is the problem. it isn't registered with the dmv. the car's plates are supposed to be on barry's old bmw. his spokesperson said the dealer misplaced the new car title and is working to fix the problem. >>> if your water was green and somebody told you not to worry about it just drink it anyway would you do that? that is the situation some folks in prince george's county are going through tonight. take a look at this. a hazardous materials team was called out to wells run creek yesterday because the water is what you see there, fluorescent green. now, officials say a nontoxic dye used to identify boiler leaks is what is to blame for this. the
null elementary school where a student tells us his teacher told him to change his answers on his test until he got it right. >> are you nervous? >> yes. >> why are you nervous? >> don't know. >> do you feel like someone will get in trouble? >> yes. >> who do you feel will get in trouble is. >> my teacher. >> reporter: we are distorting his voice because this 11-year- old boy said his teacher told students to correct their wrong answers on their dc based assessment tests in january. >> they told me to go back if i didn't have the question right, just would tell me to go back until i got it right. >> we need to learn and not have someone give us the answers. >> it is not fair for our children much it is not fair. i'm stuck on this point. it is not fair for them to get push along to help bring the numbers up. >> well, after first criticizing the u.s.a. today report that questions some students' test scores former school chancellor reed is backtracking on that tonight. according to the washington post reed said she thinks there may have been treating and she is applauding the new chancell
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